Framing postcards!

Hi sweeties, 

Last week bought I several postcards at the Brassa, 
I've framed them, and it looks quite cheerful!
So if you have a blank wall and you want to pimp  it up,
buy some frames and vintage (looklike) cards and you have a 
very nice wall!
Hope you like it!
Lots of love, Rose


Spring in my pants !

Hi there!
Today I'm wearing a simple combination.
Denim jacket, white blouse and my flower pants.
Whats your favorite item of spring?
XO Rose

Labels: Pull and Bear, h&m and Manfield shoes. 


My sweet 16 party

Hi everybody!

Yesterday was my sweet 16 party at my house,
I did it together with two friends of mine who become also 16 this year.
The whole day was it dry and we could just set up all our stuff but in the evening it
was raining, that was a pitty but we had heaters and gazebos so it was actually very cozy!
I enjoyed it so much and I believe everybody was having a good time!
There is just one thing what is stupid, I forgot to took pictures during the evening,
but I have still pictures from the beginning of the evening!
So I hope you enjoy it! Did you have a nice Saturday evening?
Lots of love, Rose


DIY Braided Bead Bracelet

Hi there!

Here is a very cute DIY for you!
I found it on honestlywtf.com ,
it's very easy to do!

You need:
* 1.5 yards of waxed linen cord.
* 50 - 70 size 0/8seeds beads
* 10 - 13mm two hole button
* scissors


Cute in the garden!

Hi there,
It is raining cats and dogs over here but I'm totally into summer in my head.
But unfortunately, I desire to go out but I'm still in the house!
So I found these gorgeous garden pics!
If you feel the same like me, I hope you will come a little in the summer mood!
Hope you like it! Lots of love, Rose


About this fabulous shopping day!

Hi sweeties! I didn't write for a long time, I was just so busy! We have had exams on our school and as a  reward I  spent   the day in Rotterdam with a friend of mine! Rotterdam is a verry nice city for shopping  and we  shopped until we dropped! Eleven hours have we walked from shop to shop and we succeded:  I bought so many accesoires, two pants, one with a flower print and a new jeans, two bags, pumps, sunglasses, a rolling stones shirt and a new bikini!And... We had so much fun! I'm totally ready for summer! Lovely easter days! Lots of love, Rose