Louise Roe


Did you enjoy the sunny pentecost weekend?
I did actually, I have sailed today and it was so nice!
The water, sun, I loved everything!
I was chilling on the boat and read a magazine and I saw Louise Roe.
Maybe you know her from Plain Jane!
She looks stunning every time, she has diffrent looks, sometimes a little hippy,
then gossip girl chick or girly casual but she styles everything in her own classy way!
I made a collage about her style!

Do you like her style too?
Let me know if you have another style icon!
Lots of love, Rose


A scarf around you head!

Hi cuties! 

On your way to the beach?
A day at the park?
Or just a bad hair day at school?

Maybe you will like this because it's so easy
and very fashionable in so many ways!

How to wear it?

The minnie mouse.

The Grace Kelly.


Summer cocktail!

Summer! Omg I'm so happy!
I've written before I love summer so much
and now it is :) !
Ofcourse you need a fabulous drink to celebrate!
This one is without alcohol but you can ofcourse
make one with a little bit becardi ore another rum.
It's very easy !

You need:

- 60 ml cranberry juice
- 40 ml peach juice
- 7-up
- A little limon or citroen.
- Ice

This was our result:

Do you know another nice summer drink?
Lots of love, Rose


Nail art!

I love nail art so much, I just needed new ideas, so here a few inspiration pictures!
Hope you like it! XO Rose.


DIY Dip Dye

Hi sweeties!

Another DIY today!
I did a little experiment yesterday with textile paint!
In fact I was at the Zara last week and I saw a beautiful blouse with dip dye!
The same week I saw at girlscene a DIY dip dye, so 1+1=2 !
It was very easy to do, but you must be very careful because you make mistakes quickly!

This was my idea:

This is what I used:



Hi there!

Loveee the studs look! I'm going to order a few packets and pimp a few pices!
I have made a inspiration board for ideas! I let you see the results soon!
Do you like studs or have you any ideas for pices?
Lots of love, Rose