Make a pie #2

Hii Kitchen Queens!
Last week I wrote that I was planning to bake a pie every week!
Well, I do not know if it will work .. but, pie number 2 is already made!
It comes  from my grandmother's old-fashioned cook book,
and today I made a French apple pie!
I'll explain how I did it!


New in closet.

Hi girls!
Last month I went shopping twice and I'm so lucky, sale everywhere! Especially the accessories were in my taste. I also bought a vintage like green bag for -70%! I bought lots of bracelets, bags, coral heels, a cross ring, earrings and necklace.
I would like to show it to you!
Did you shop this week, or did you bought a great item?
Lots of love!



Bonjour ladies!
Today a little nail art for you!
I saw a picture on the internet and I copied it!
I guess it looks summery and it's easy to do!

1. Paint your nails with base coat.
2. Let it dry and paint your outer fingers pink, your ring finger gold and your middle white.
    Let everything dry.
3. Take your middle finger and paint it in a zig-zag pattern with black.
4. Another layer of shine on your nails and they're done!

I would love to hear what you think of this nail art!
Lots of love, Rose


Do you know Coeur de Pirate?

I'm a huge fan of Coeur de Pirate!
Ever heard of this 23 year old singer and songwriter from Canada?
No? Oke, I'm gonna tell you something about her because she's amazing! Her voice is so beautiful and pure!
Her real name is BĂ©atrice Martin.
She plays the piano since she was only three years old.
In 2008 came her single ''coeur de pirate'' and  in 2009 she was nominated for the juno awards.
Her song 'Ensemble' become a youtube hit.
Last year came her album ''Blonde'' out.
She's expecting her first child in July so I guess we have to
wait for her music for a little while!

So, this was my little speach about Coeur de Pirate!
I hope you love it as much as I do!

Good night and sweet dreams!
Lots of love, Rose


Make a pie; Cream Cake!

Bonjour kitchen diva's!
Today a tutorial; how to make a pie! 
I coined it when I got from my grandma a very old book about baking! It's such a lovely book because you make everything yourself! Today is everything in packets, you have a powder and water, shake it and you have a pie! But what I like is to really make a pie if you know what I mean, do everything yourself, no packets! 


Get the Jalousie Chanel look!

Hi there!

How are you?
It's a little while ago when I posted something!
I was SO bussy for school!
But I can say, I made it to my last year on high school!
Finally vacantion!
I found this video, it's a tutorial how you can get the Chanel Jalousie look.
Lisa Eldridge is the visagist of Chanel and she shows on youtube how you can
get those fabulouse-Chanel looks!
So if you have a sweet summer night, and you want a subtile but strong make up look,
check this video out! I love it!
Hope you enjoy!

Lots of Love, Rose


Pimp your short!

Hi there!

hen it's summer I love to wear shorts.
This year pimped two shorts, and I'll tell you how I did it.
Hope you like it!

American shorts.

When in I saw the new summer collection in December I saw american flag prints,
and it brought me to the idea to made it on a short.
It was so funny, because in March I saw at the New Yorker ( and more places)
American flag shorts!
But secretly I fellt like a little trendsetter!

You need:

- A short or a cut-off jeans.
- Textile paint, red white and blue.
- Pencil
- Brush

How to do: 
1. Take your short/jeans and draw the stars and the stripes with your pencil.
2. Do it carefully because you see everything with the white paint!
3. When your sketch is finished you can colouring it with the paint.
4. Let it dry and iron it with the iron over it to fixate the paint!
5. Your American jeans is done!


Pretty Little Liars season 3

Hi there!
How are you?
I''m not so fine, I have been ill for two days but I'm feeling a little better now!
I'm still broke but the little bright syde is, a new season of  Pretty Little Liars!
I wrote before about this serie, it's one of my favourites!
It's so exciting! They know that mona is A but they are still stalked!