Pimp your short!

Hi there!

hen it's summer I love to wear shorts.
This year pimped two shorts, and I'll tell you how I did it.
Hope you like it!

American shorts.

When in I saw the new summer collection in December I saw american flag prints,
and it brought me to the idea to made it on a short.
It was so funny, because in March I saw at the New Yorker ( and more places)
American flag shorts!
But secretly I fellt like a little trendsetter!

You need:

- A short or a cut-off jeans.
- Textile paint, red white and blue.
- Pencil
- Brush

How to do: 
1. Take your short/jeans and draw the stars and the stripes with your pencil.
2. Do it carefully because you see everything with the white paint!
3. When your sketch is finished you can colouring it with the paint.
4. Let it dry and iron it with the iron over it to fixate the paint!
5. Your American jeans is done!

Stud your short!

The other pimp is much easier!
I wrote a month ago about studs I had ordered.
I would have preferred doing the whole side but I didn't have enough studs for that,
but I'm also pleased with this!

You need:
- A short.
- Studs (at least 60 pices)

How to do:
1. Take your short and attach your studs on the short and
hit the pins inside.
2. Create a pattern you like!
3. You're done!

Did you ever pimped a shorts?
I would love to hear it!
Lots of love, Rose