Nice #day 4 & 5

Bonjour Mademoiselles!

Another day in heaven!
Today we went to Monte Carlo in Monaco.
We wanted to do it yesterday but we waited for 1 hour on the bus
and the bus past 3 times but the bus was completely full the whole time, so we changed plans and we went to the beach.

It was so much fun because we decided to go paragliden!
You know, behind a boat with a parashute!
If you have the chance you have to do it once in your life!


Nice #day 2 & 3

Bonjour mademoiselles!

I live in a really wonderful world here!
It is sunny, beautiful and I meet more and more people!
The last days have been fun!
Yesterday evening I went with 4 people Marcedoniƫ been to the movies, it was very nice!
Today was my first official day of class.
I met two Dutch girls, they are really nice and I went shopping whit them and later we went to the beach.
Tomorrow we go after school to Monaco!


Nice #day 1

Bonjour Amies!

I posted earlier that I would go on holiday to Nice, but now I am!
I'll do a short report!
This morning we had to wake up really early,  but the flight went very smoothly and we landed at half past eight already in Nice!
Nothing but sun, that we were no longer used in the Netherlands!


Let's cook: a fresh summer salad.

Hi girls,

Today another recipe and this time a fresh salad!
Personally, I love salads because they are easy to make, very healthy and
it's perfect to eat a fresh salad on vacantion or just at home!


Welcome to Nice!

Welcome to Nice!
Hi ladies! 
Just a collage of inspiration for myself!
On Sunday at 3:30 (!) leaves my plane to Nice!
I'm going to follow here a French language course.
I come in a host family for a week and follow a daily French classes with students from everywhere!
Very exciting because I didn't heard yet where I will stay,
But I'm really looking forward!

Do you have plans or have you been back from vacation?
Lots of love,


Wishlist of July!

Hi girls!

Every girl have dreams and a wishlist!
So do I, it changes every month but this is my wish list right now.
My list of July!

1. These Guardian Abgel bags are fabulous, aren't they? ! 
Vlieger en van Dam
2. Peplum is hot! Love this one from Zara! 
3. Pilote glasses are always hot! Love this colour from Ray ban!
4. For sweet summer nights are these heels perfect black and gold, loveee! 

What's on your wishlist?
Lots of love, Rose


Elie Saab fall winter 2012 - 2013

Hi Ladies!

Lets talk about fashion ..
The first name that comes into my head when it comes to haute coutre is really Elie Saab!
Oh my gosh, these dresses are so beautiful!
They are calssy, feminine, elegant and down to the last detail.


Dr. Fish!

Hi girlss,
Did you enjoyed the beautiful weather today or have you done anything nice?
Today as a relaxing day for me, because I have been pampered in a spa.
It was really nice and I feel quite rosy now!
But what I really wanted to tell was my experience with Dr Fish.
You must have been heard of the little fishes nibble your feet and hands?
Well, I heard of it but I never did it before so we found it fun to experience.
Let me first tell you what the exact content.


My DIY Tie Dye Jeans!

Hi Ladies!
You see it everywhere, Tie Dye Denim Jeans!
I like them so much and I saw them at the Zara for €40.00 and I thought there must be a way to do it myself!
I bought a cheap jeans at the H&M and googled how to DIY.
At honestley wtf I found a prefect explenation.
It's my new favourite jeans I guess!
Suturday evenig we went out for dinner and before I took this pictures
to show you how my jeans look like!