Dr. Fish!

Hi girlss,
Did you enjoyed the beautiful weather today or have you done anything nice?
Today as a relaxing day for me, because I have been pampered in a spa.
It was really nice and I feel quite rosy now!
But what I really wanted to tell was my experience with Dr Fish.
You must have been heard of the little fishes nibble your feet and hands?
Well, I heard of it but I never did it before so we found it fun to experience.
Let me first tell you what the exact content.

Dr. Fish, or the Garra Rufa are from the rivers of Turkey, Iraq and Iran and live of dead organisms,
It sounds weird but they eat your dead skin cells and clean so your hand or foot.
The fish nibble during treatment your hands or your feet clean.
The fish have a natural enzyme called Ditranol.
This enzyme and cleans your skin and gives a peeling what feels like a silken soft feeling.

My experience:
We got our hands only because the feet were already on treatment.
You could sit in a chair on both sides with baking the fish in it.
I was scared at first because all the fish were really like crazy with all the colonies on your hand and gave such a funny feeling, it tickled and I became giggly!
I thought then, okay relax, here you are and I began to get used to nibble.
After 15minutes picked a madam us back and we got our hands out of the water.
And yes, I really must admit, your hands feeling super soft!

Unfortunateley we couldn't take pictures ourselves but this is how it was!

Have you ever done it, and what do you think of this treatment?

Have a wonderful night!
Lots of love, Rose