Nice #day 4 & 5

Bonjour Mademoiselles!

Another day in heaven!
Today we went to Monte Carlo in Monaco.
We wanted to do it yesterday but we waited for 1 hour on the bus
and the bus past 3 times but the bus was completely full the whole time, so we changed plans and we went to the beach.

It was so much fun because we decided to go paragliden!
You know, behind a boat with a parashute!
If you have the chance you have to do it once in your life!

After the beach we went home and in the evening we went out and
drunk a cocktail. There is a square and it's called Place Marsséna, there is a verry good atmosphere in the evening and during the whole day and everywhere are people laughing and there is music and lights! I really like it there!

So today we visited Monaco after school.
We went there by train it's just 20 minutes.
And Omg, Monaco is so beautiful!

It's clean, there are beautiful buildings, beautiful stores and the people are looking really good! 
we just walked around the center and we went to the beach there.
We saw the port and the big cruises! 
We also saw Hotel de Paris wich you maybe know from the movie Monte Carlo! We really enjoyed! 
Tomorrow is allready my last day! 

The time flew! 
After school I have to go to the train station and then I take the 
train to Italy. 
I'm a bit nervous because I have to change 4 times but I think it's gonna be alright! 
We dont have Internet in Italy so I see you after this week! 
have a nice time! 

Lots of love, Rose