Animals like moviestars.

Hit girls!
Do you do the same, comporate people with animals?
In fact, I do it all the time!
If I get to know a new person, I think always which animal fits with the person!
These animals where used for an advertising stunt by the German company te Neues Publishing Group and I found it at vrouwen.nl .
It's so funny!

Captain Jack Sparrow


DIY : pimp your phone case

Hi girls!

Today another DIY,
this time for your phone ! 

I have finally a new phone, It's a samsung ace and I like it very much, the only thing is,
there are not so much covers for this phone type.
I've looked everywhere and I found finally a transparent case.
When I covered my books for school, I discovered that you can put
your paper or another nice picture behind a transparent cover.
So you can pimp your own case easy and on a very cheap way!

You just need:
- A pair of scissors
- A transparent cover
- A nice picture (with print)

Step 1:
Cut the picture in the shape of your phone,
including the corners af you camera etc.

Step 2.
Apply it in your case.

And you are done!
Hope you like it!
Lots of love, Rose


Streetstyle; Paris, London, New York & Milano.

Hi Girls,
It has been a little while ago since I posted something,
that's why I post this huge post of streetstyle.
The pictures say it all, 
so, enjoy!


Two weeks of Italy!

Ciao girls!

How's life? Do you love your vacantion or have you other nice things to do?
I'm back in town, after three weeks of sun landed I in Holland yesterday. 
In my posts before, I told you about my language course in Nice.
After this great week travled I six hours by train to Levanto for the rest of my vacantion.
I really enjoyed my time!
There was no WiFi so I would like to show my past two weeks of Italy in this post! 

I hope you like it!

 Delicious fresh vegetables from the garden of our neighbour next door.
Kiwi bush!