DIY : pimp your phone case

Hi girls!

Today another DIY,
this time for your phone ! 

I have finally a new phone, It's a samsung ace and I like it very much, the only thing is,
there are not so much covers for this phone type.
I've looked everywhere and I found finally a transparent case.
When I covered my books for school, I discovered that you can put
your paper or another nice picture behind a transparent cover.
So you can pimp your own case easy and on a very cheap way!

You just need:
- A pair of scissors
- A transparent cover
- A nice picture (with print)

Step 1:
Cut the picture in the shape of your phone,
including the corners af you camera etc.

Step 2.
Apply it in your case.

And you are done!
Hope you like it!
Lots of love, Rose