Decorate your cake.

Hi Girls!

Are you guys love baking as much as I do?
I hope so, because today I have a nice tip how you can decorate your pie!
It's quick, tasty, easy and it looks very nice ( if I say it myself ) !

You just need:
- A simple pie (I used a quark pie, but you can also have different kind of cake).
- A bowl of raspberries.
- A bowl of blue berries.
- Powder Sugar.

How to do:
If you have finished your pie, you can start  with the decoration!
I made the american flag but you can also made another flag (the Dutch or the English).
You put the berries in the way you like to have them and sprinkle the pieces that should be white with powder sugar.


Miu Miu, the movie.

Hi Girls!

New fashion movie is coming!
To celebrate the autumn / winter collection asked Miu Miu four female directors commissioned a series of short films called the Women's Tales' to make. The fourth video in this series is called "It's getting late," and was designed by Massy Tadjedin. In this short film you will see four completely different women in their own way ready for their evening.

Read more about the video Shortlist ID & see below how the ladies are ready.


Be happy !

Hi Girls!
Do you also have an off day sometimes?
Feeling tired or drowsy, and you want to spent the whole day in your bed  with a movie?
Well, sometimes I have that feeling! Certainly because we're going into the winter and the days become shorter here in the Netherlands.
I'm not saying I have the solution, but I have some things to make me feel a little more happy!

1. First of all, take care of yourself.
Sleep enough, sport (sports always gives me an energy boost) drink plenty of water and eat healthy.
Probably you know this already but if you try this  for a week, you can feel the difference!


New in..

Hi girls!

This post is not about new in my closet but new in my garden!
Because I have in my garden, two super cute new rabbits!
They are so sweet, I'm totally in love with them haha!
It are two brothers and I called them Pippi and Buddha,

The right one is Pippi, he wants to explore everything, just like my childhood heroine Pippi Langstocking.

The left one is Buddha, completely ''Zen" and he has a big belly like Buddha has!


Pure Nature

Pure Nature

Hot right now; fake fur, cashmere, wool, leather and animal prints like snake, panther and owls. All inspirated by nature! Sweet Autumn! What do you think of this trend?


My sunny weekend!

Hi girls! 
Whats up? I know it's Monday but I'm still in the weekend modus! 
The highlight was Saturday because I went to Appelpop with my friends.
Appelpop is a dutch festival and there is so much good music, I had a really good time! 


My pretty weekend in Paris.

Hi Girls!

Last weekend was so great,
I went to Paris with a friend
and it was sooo amazing!
From the Eiffeltower to the Champs Elysees,
we've seen everything!
The reason to go was actually for school, we
make a kind of thesis for our final exam.
We could use every subject we wanted so we chose
tourisme in Paris.
We're going to make a brochure with pictures and we
also make a kind of documentary of our trip!
We were so lucky because the weather was loveley!
Hope you like it! Lots of love, Rose