Be happy !

Hi Girls!
Do you also have an off day sometimes?
Feeling tired or drowsy, and you want to spent the whole day in your bed  with a movie?
Well, sometimes I have that feeling! Certainly because we're going into the winter and the days become shorter here in the Netherlands.
I'm not saying I have the solution, but I have some things to make me feel a little more happy!

1. First of all, take care of yourself.
Sleep enough, sport (sports always gives me an energy boost) drink plenty of water and eat healthy.
Probably you know this already but if you try this  for a week, you can feel the difference!

2. Laugh! Research has proven it really is healthy because when you laugh, your body makes certain fabrics that work relaxing! So put it on that nice movie or call your best friend for an evening of old-fashioned fun!

3. Make other people happy! A compliment, a nice chat on the phone or an unexpected  little gift, if you are nice to others, they will be nice to you!

4. Take a little me-time, do something what you really like! Listen to good music, paint your nails, take a warm bath or mini spa, shopping ... whatever it is, take the time to enjoy yourself and chill!

5. Last but not least, appreciate the little things!
This have you probably also heard quite often and it's easier said than it's done!
Thats why I keep a grateful-diary where I write nice memories down.  
This is my memorie book!

If you have a shit moment, you can open this book and think of all the good things in your life!

I hope you have something about this!
I  must admit, it's also for me difficult to hold me on this things, that's why I write this post for myself as well hihi!

What do you do if you have an off day? Do you have tips for me?
Lots of love, Roos

Pictures: weheartit.com