Decorate your cake.

Hi Girls!

Are you guys love baking as much as I do?
I hope so, because today I have a nice tip how you can decorate your pie!
It's quick, tasty, easy and it looks very nice ( if I say it myself ) !

You just need:
- A simple pie (I used a quark pie, but you can also have different kind of cake).
- A bowl of raspberries.
- A bowl of blue berries.
- Powder Sugar.

How to do:
If you have finished your pie, you can start  with the decoration!
I made the american flag but you can also made another flag (the Dutch or the English).
You put the berries in the way you like to have them and sprinkle the pieces that should be white with powder sugar.

And you are done!
Here are a few other ideas that you can do with your pie,
Sprinkle them with enamel, rose petals or marzipan.
Hope you like it!
Lots of love, Rose.