My pretty weekend in Paris.

Hi Girls!

Last weekend was so great,
I went to Paris with a friend
and it was sooo amazing!
From the Eiffeltower to the Champs Elysees,
we've seen everything!
The reason to go was actually for school, we
make a kind of thesis for our final exam.
We could use every subject we wanted so we chose
tourisme in Paris.
We're going to make a brochure with pictures and we
also make a kind of documentary of our trip!
We were so lucky because the weather was loveley!
Hope you like it! Lots of love, Rose

The first day we eat at this sweet tea house in Quatier Latin.
It was so cosy!
The plafont was all over painted with clouds
and thre where shelvings with books on the walls.
We ate delicious, a real French quiche with a good salad
and le vin blanc sec bien sur!

Lafayette on the roof.
What a view!!

Croqe Monsieur.
The beautiful Jardins in Paris!
This is Jardin du Luxembourg.

Autentique bakeries. Yum yum!