My sunny weekend!

Hi girls! 
Whats up? I know it's Monday but I'm still in the weekend modus! 
The highlight was Saturday because I went to Appelpop with my friends.
Appelpop is a dutch festival and there is so much good music, I had a really good time! 

And o gosh, we have experienced a small adventure!
So we went to the festival by train and first we visited Utrecht for shopping and chilling.
On the train station of Utrecht put we our stuff ( bags, purses, phones etc)  in a safe an locked it.
When we came back in the night we put our card in the machine.
And guess what? We have paid for the wrong sefety deposit box!
It was so stupid because all of our stuff layed the whole day on the uncecured station!
We had very good luck because someone had found our stuff and brought it to the info desk.
After a very hassle we got AL our stuff back! Lucky bastards as we are!

The girl bottom left is Nina, she startted a new blog,
You really should check this out because she has a great style! click here!

Hope you had a great weekend!
Lots of love, Rose