New in..

Hi girls!

This post is not about new in my closet but new in my garden!
Because I have in my garden, two super cute new rabbits!
They are so sweet, I'm totally in love with them haha!
It are two brothers and I called them Pippi and Buddha,

The right one is Pippi, he wants to explore everything, just like my childhood heroine Pippi Langstocking.

The left one is Buddha, completely ''Zen" and he has a big belly like Buddha has!

It's so funny because they are also birth at 1 March, the same day as me, and my mother!

I  have always loved animals..

Love for horses | Me and my dog Sammy | And the guinea pig of my ount | Dressed as a rabbit with carnaval.

Are you crazy about animals just like me?
Lots of love, Rose