Vacation break!

Hi guys!

I'm so sorry that I didn't post anything for such a long time!
I was just too busy with my autumn vacation haha!
It was so lovely and time flew by!
I had some nice party's, pleasant arrangements and the most loveley part of all,
a little city trip with my mom to Amsterdam and the seaside place Bergen aan Zee.

It was amazing, walking along the beach with such a strong wind,


Ashley Madewke.

Hi Girls!

I have discovered the tv show Revenge and I have to say, I'm pretty addicted to it!
It's a great, exiting story about a girl who wants to take revenge to the people who had destroyed her life.
The cast is also really great! Everything and everybody is styled perfectly.
The girl that always looks the best is Ashley!
I googled her, because I was wondering if she has the same great style in real life!
And she has! She also has a blog, and she writes about her style and clothes!
I got so much inspiration of her, so I made a little collage.
Her style is girly, nonchalant, classy, colourfull and she always wears fabulous killer heels!
I  have a new style icon!


The eyebrow!

Hi girls!
They come in all shapes and sizes,
Full of thin, square or round, or just round of dark,
Let's just have a little talk about the eyebrow!


Every season and every year change the fashion and also change the makeup trends.
I noticed that it also applies to eyebrows!
Eyebrows determine the expression of your face.
brow power

The last time you'll see more and more full eyebrows in fashion magazines and on the catwalk.
Full brows give more power, but you should keep them in shape!
I experimentated al lot with my eyebrows. One time I took them half away, and other time became they thin stripes!!
Fortunately are they completely grown back.
I have three tips to avoid such mistakes as me!

If you have never done your eyebrows, the best you can do is going to the beauty specialist for the first time.
Look carefully what kind of eyebrow fits at the shape of your face.


From then on you have a beautiful shape in your eyebrows.
If there is to update them, you can do it yourself!
Most important of all; don't remove too much!