Ashley Madewke.

Hi Girls!

I have discovered the tv show Revenge and I have to say, I'm pretty addicted to it!
It's a great, exiting story about a girl who wants to take revenge to the people who had destroyed her life.
The cast is also really great! Everything and everybody is styled perfectly.
The girl that always looks the best is Ashley!
I googled her, because I was wondering if she has the same great style in real life!
And she has! She also has a blog, and she writes about her style and clothes!
I got so much inspiration of her, so I made a little collage.
Her style is girly, nonchalant, classy, colourfull and she always wears fabulous killer heels!
I  have a new style icon!

What do you think of Ashley and her great looks?
Lots of love, Rose