Everything brand new!

I'm so happy and feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.
There has changed so much in my life last  few months!

First of all, I gratuated highschool wich means, I had three months of holliday.
South of France, Italy, partys, festivals, trips and a lot more nice stuff, you can imagine that the time flew by!

Then, I moved to Breda where I live now.
It's such a beautiful spot! I have quite a big room with a huge garden. It's very close to the center and the station. I'm getting used to living on my own now, but it felt like my home the first time I came here!
I love to decorate rooms and I´m also grateful to my parents for all the new stuff and opportunaties !

I was really looking forward to my new study International Lifestyle Studys.
You learn in the sectors health, food, human movement, leisure, living and appearance based on trends develop new services and products for these sectors. But also cool hunting and trendwatching.
I think this study fits me so good and I feel in the right place!
Of course you will tell al of these things on my blog (I´m really going to keep it in track now)!

I met so many nice new people, I live in a new city where I really like it and I start a new study!
Everything is so great and new and the season just started!
I´m so excited !