Into the wild

Into the wild

Say NO to the drab Fall colours! No more dark, black, and gray .
We just want to hold the summer for a little while, the summer with its bright colours.
Just bring a bit action in that borig Autumn wardrobe of yours!!Even with a couple of adjustmens you can make the most of it.
Hopefully this is inspires  you !



Style crush: Mira Duma

Miroslava Duma. My gosh she has such a great style!
This lady is pretty interesting. She is ex-editor of  Harpers Bazaar Russia and now she writes as a freelancer for a couple of magazines. Her style is different al the time and I just can't characterize her style in one way, but she is always very creative. She is the daughter of a Russian Senator. 
And she is mother of her two year old baby-boy George. 
You can spot her on fabulous parties and during fashion weeks. 
She is popular by the streetstyle photographers and she's the muze of MiuMiu, Prada, Alexander Wang and YSL and Lanvin. 

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