Poppy's parade

Hi there! 
For my study I had to interview concepts with a great future growing potential. 
So, thats why I did this one with the Poppy's! What is Poppy's Parade and why is 
it so cool? Read the interview, I bet you love it!



Well Hello! Has been a little while ago when I wrote something on my blog! I'm changing it a little bit and my blog name as well. Roses World is passé. From now on you can see it as Roos Estelle.nl
But what I really wanted to post is something about my last week. With my two dear friends I have been in the pearl of the north for a couple of days. I didn't know that much of the city, very stupid I know, but I thought that it was just something like the Scandinavian minimalistic modern style. Which I like, but I prefer the stunning old style and buildings with all the details. And That's what Stockholm is, an old city, surrounded by water, and when the sun shines the whole city lights up! The atmosphere was great, it was clean and the people are super friendly. And; you can shop there until you drop! Great style everywhere, and handsome people as well! Eveline is half Swedish so we where with here cousins, and where at her grandparents. We drunk cocktails, shopped, strolled through the city, went to the Abba museum, laughed talked and enjoyed. We where a little sad to leave because we weren't done yet, there where so many things to discover. So, we will come back for sure! 



Mimints Healthu Stuff

This is something that I have to share.
I Interviewed the owner of a great great great little food market; Mimint.
Her name is Milou Geeling, only 19 years old and so motivated and talented!
After she finished school did her dream came true when she started
a Organic shop of Healthy stuff.
She has a lot of compassion for her customers and her products are unique.
From superfood to chocolate, and home made nuts pasta,  everything is healthy and delicious.
She also makes giftbags and she has those super cute cotton bags with the logo of her shop.