Mimints Healthu Stuff

This is something that I have to share.
I Interviewed the owner of a great great great little food market; Mimint.
Her name is Milou Geeling, only 19 years old and so motivated and talented!
After she finished school did her dream came true when she started
a Organic shop of Healthy stuff.
She has a lot of compassion for her customers and her products are unique.
From superfood to chocolate, and home made nuts pasta,  everything is healthy and delicious.
She also makes giftbags and she has those super cute cotton bags with the logo of her shop.

Since I started Lifestyle studies, I notice that she has a lot of points what makes her successful.
1. Love for her work, she stands behind its products and does what she likes.
2. Transparency, everything is pure and healthy and above all honest!
3. The concept is strong! The name mimint is the nickname of Milou, and also the color is mint fresh and clean. This is applied through the whole store, everything is in mint and interior suits her personal style.

Are you exited now? You find her in Arnhem on the Klarestraat 1a.
Check also her Facebook; click here!