Porto Baby

Hello guys! How have you been? Loved your  free days? 
Im just returned from one of the best hollidays ever in... Porto. Most of people will think why Porto? Well I can explain you that, and afterwards I will give you my best tips if you want to experience it yourself.

Porto is a very old historic city, wich is pretty but also a little bit dark sometimes. It’s cleen, the people are friendly. JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter here and we completely understood that. The students are dressed in black, included black capes. The buildings are very old, and by evening you saw birds circling above the churches and it has a magical feeling. You can achieve the city good because it has her own airport. It’s next to the see and across Porto is the river Douro. We descovered trendy bars, in the whole city. And by the way, Porto is super cheap! For a very nice meal, included wine you pay like €10,- !! And you can eat here so loveley, I felt like eat pray love sometimes!