Eat yourself happy

Hi everyone, 

Hope you had a loveley week! 
Today is monday and everything serious goes on so I say: let’s talk about food.
You can’t live with too much of it but also not without it. The right balance is the key. But how can you enjoy life  full of party’s with alcoholic drinks, snacks,  long days at work with all those calories there? You
have to stand very strong in your shoes to survive that. 
Well, I’m not going to tell you that I can handle those things but I will tell you that you can manage your food patern more as you might think. 

A little history of me. Since a few years I’m trying to take care of my body the best as I can through eating healthy. 
This hasn’t always been this way. One year of my life I was obsessed with counting calories. 
I lost 10kg that year and I had underweight.  
I wrote the things I eat that day down including the calories. If I drunk one cappuchino too much I punished myself to skip the lunch next day. I wasn’t very happy on highschool and I think I wanted to have controle about something. 
I don’t tell you this because I like to tell sad stories. I’m telling you this because 
I want you guys to make the right choices of what you eat. Because that’s how you feel. 
There are so many diets, eating patterns but just listen to your body because you feel what you need. And if you feel like you have to eat that pizza, just eat it and get a more intense workout the next day. I have got some tips that you might like. 

1. Got your groceries on monday or in the beginning of the week. 
This will help you to fill your house with healthy things and prevents that you will 
going to the store when you are hungry, because that’s dangerous!

2. Cook more than you will eat in the evening, and you can take this with you for luch the next day. 
This will safe you a lot of time and saves you from the bad pistolets on the office. 

3. Make your own soup. It’s super easy, pick a couple of ingredients, put this in the blender 
and your’e finished. Save a little of it in the fridge, so if you don’t want to cook something, 
you can just warm this up and you’re sure that you have enough vegetables. 

4. Eat of all the food groups a little. For example, I didn’t eat carbohydrates untill last week. 
I recognized that I snacked the whole time. It was just because I wasn’t filled enough. 
There are so many healthy things like quinoa wich are also healthy carbohydrates. 
So I’m going to experiment with that this week. 

5. Enjoy the things you eat! If you want a bitterbal and a glass of wine, just take 
it but do everything with moderation (This isn’t my best part so I give this advise especially for myself haha). 

6. Try to avoid revined sugars. But sometimes we need  sugar! Eat an apple with cinnamon or walnuts wit honey. Your body will reject on this the same way if you would take a snicker or a mars.

7. Buy frozen fruit. I eat every morning my oatmeal with blue berries, raspberries and blackberries. I just put it in the microwave for one minute and it's done. It saves a lot of time. Also is frozen fruit cheaper and it can't spoil.

8. Drink before your breakfast warm water with lemon. This will clean your whole body. You have to get used on this but it's a super detox. 

I hope you had something about this, and I hope this will inspire you! 
I'm just not a kind of health guru and I don't want to be one. I just want to share my experience 
with you, that's all. Just love your body and take care of it like you will take care of someone else. 
I’m curious about your story’s and if you maybe have some advise for me, let me know please!
This picture makes me happy because food is emotion and the best is to share it with people you love

Lots of love,