Stilleven Breda

Since three months I started running again. I’m discovering so much more places of my home town Breda.
I came a couple of times across a very cute looking luch/coffe room “Stilleven”.  Last week I finally found time to catch up with a friend an have some coffee here. 
What I saw inside there was a blend of that English quaintness (you know with roses wallpaper and those cute tea cups) but  also a lot of wooden stuff like tables and closets, 
wich gave me a Scandinavian feeling. The central words in this lunchroom are  Coffee Living Giving. These three things made Stilleven because they want to create this livingroom feeling, here they have  home made pie, the best coffee and delicious bread.
Unfortunately we didn’t have had lunch but it looked so good when I saw what they made at the bar! And, the funny thing is, you can buy everything you see. The owners are going to flea markets a couple of times a year and bring everything. But also the wooden pieces of furniture are for sale. 

In the leisure sector we see that “work, live, play” will blend. Six years ago, when Stilleven started it was not normal to have a lunch room and a place to sell things. They where the first ones who had a horeca and shop licence. Nowadays you see more shops where you can buy things and eat, Stilleven was a true trend setter. The living room feeling they create is also part of this trend. A lot of people are flexible with their work and nine to five jobs are not so common anymore. Working in another space as your office will bring you more inspiration. For some people it’s better to work in a boisterous environment as in a silent “clean” place. A place like this make people feel home and let them do what ever they want to, working on their computer, lunching with their friends, buying presents or nice stuff for themselves.
This place has all these things and that’ what makes this so special.

From the outside/sorry for my look, didn't wore make up!