Cape Town, here I come


Hi there, 
Maybe you recognized it, but I changed my whole blog. I did a little lay-out transformation and the most important thing; I separated my coolhunts and my personal blog. Now you can find my coolhunts on another website which you can found on the “coolhunt-button” next to about and home. I delated the thirty post from last year because I don’t think where so professional. Especially in the beginning I wrote them in Dutch and placed them in Google Translate. I was very ashamed when 
I started to re-design my blog last week. So..a fresh new start! 

It isn’t only a fresh start for my blog, but also for myself. Because I am going to…. CAPE TOWN.
I am so excited! I will follow an internship at the company Jinger Jack. This young company started in 2012 and sells leather bags and accessoires. They design, produce and sell it themselves. They even are in the press with magazines like the Elle and Grazia. So think this is the best internship in the world. And also moving to Cape Town for five months is a great opportunity for me to better my English, learn, meet new people and I’m looking forward to the international feeling in this city. When you search Cape Town on Pinterest you will start to drool, so pretty! 
I want to share my experiences in this city and that is why I will keep a little travel journey on my blog. Because I want to keep my family in the Netherlands updated I will write these posts in Dutch. The rest of the post will still be in English. 

I hope you all have a lovely holliday!