My 8 best tips of Sevilla

Dear readers, 

Last week I have spent five amazing days with my dear friend Celeste in Sevilla, Spain. I am a total Spain lover, so I’m happy that I can add this beautiful place on my list.
What a wonderful short holiday has this been!
I was a little stressed-out from school and other things but I assure you that five days under the Spanish sun is the best cure to be totally zen and relaxed again. Besides that Sevilla is a beautiful place full of old monumental buildings, green parks and a relaxed atmosphere. It’s not that big, which makes it perfect for a little trip. We booked the trip with Bebsy.nl, a strange name but they post daily the best holiday deals. We stayed at the Silken all-Andaluss which is a fine, solid hotel with a great pool. Besides that Sevilla is located in Andalusia, where they have more than 300 sun-days per year. 
Are you already want to pack your bags? Hold on a minute and read first my 8 best tips!


1. Foodhall Mercado Lonja del Barranco
Through Sevilla is floating a river and here you can find a great Foothill, Lonja del Barranco. It’s a big roofed market with small restaurants. You can find her delicious see food as oysters, small tapas, sushi, pizza, ice cream bars and nice drinks. It’s nice to be out of the hot sun during the day so it’s very attractive to order an apperol-spritz and take a seat inside or on the veranda outside where you have a nice view over the Guadalquivir river and T
riana. Triana is the cultural area where the flamenco roots are.
* I stole this picture from google *

2. Gusto
The last day we where looking for a nice place to have breakfast or actually lunch because it was already late. When we found a nice spot, we just where sitting opposite the horses with the carriages behind them. I don’t know what it is but I found myself almost crying over the poor animals who stood there in the 40 degrees sun without a drop of water and with fat tourist that they have to carrie around the hole day. Besides that I found them very thin. So I couldn’t sit there longer because otherwise I would have cried and holidays supposed to be fun. This is how we found the spot where I want to tell about: Gusto. Since I work at Nespresso I can’t bare the bad quality of some coffee but they had te best cappuccino here for life. Besides that there was delicious food, friendly staff and nice people. So are you searching for a nice lunch restaurant without tappas? You should try this one.

3. Orzia 
Orizia was the most surprising place we have been. I heard from someone that they have nice food over there so we made a reservation. When we came there we only saw a terras so we thought how can this be so special. But inside it was so nice and you really have a diner there. Having a proper diner is what I almost never do. I eat often outside the door but mostly it’s just grap a bite somewhere. But sometimes it’s just nice that they help you in your chair and that they put the napkin on your lap. The food was amazing. I had the most delicious fish risotto and of course we had to cheers on this great holiday with some champaign. I would really recommend this if you want to have a proper “diner-diner” if you know what I mean! 

4. L’oca Giuliva
The best Pizza in town will you find at L’oca giuliva. Friendly staff, delicious food and a cosy atmosphere. Make a reservation because it’s very famous with the locals. Besides that it’s located near the cathedral so it’s close to the center. This is also a street with just bars and restaurants so if they are overbooked, don’t cry because there are plenty of nice things in this street!

Things to do: 

5. Bicycle 
Rent a bike! Duchies be like: always on their bike haha, that’s true but actually it’s quite nice to explore  the city in this way. You are so much faster in stead of walking and you can hear the history of the city and receive useful tips. Just in tree hours you have the feeling like you know this city so much beter. 

6. Maria Luisa 
One of the things we learned in this trip is the wonderful Maria Luisa park. This park is offered by Maria Luisa herself. She was a princess of Spain and lived in Sevilla. When she almost died she wanted to give the people of Sevilla something because they had been so good to her. That’s why she gave them the park and made it public. It is one the prettiest parks I have ever been. There is a huge building plaza Espana which is really something you also have to see. The park gives you a lot of shadow which makes it quite pleasant to stay there for a while and to cool  down. You will also find a lot of architecture and it’s also the place where our Dutch King and Queen have met.

7. Santa Cruz
The most pretty neighborhood I have been is Santa Cruz, the old Jewish part of town. You find here the smallest alleys and small bars. Very nice to stroll here for an hour of two with a bino blanco seco as reward. Also the churches are wonderfull and impressive/sparkly. 

8. El Casino
My last and best tip is: Go to the Casino. It’s not a real casino but it’s a place where the locals go out. We where stunned! After a couple of gin tonics we fancied a dance and wanted to go somewhere. We asked a local and said that it would be nice at the Casino. I thought, read carpet, slot machines poker tours but this wasn’t al like that!! We came at a outdoor place where we heard nice salsa/latina music and bought a ticket. We ordered just another strong drink because those Spanish people can dance!! Oh my!! I am always up for a little dancing but I was just scared! It was like this was the end scene of dirty dancing and we stood there very shy with our drinks just like your first high school party. Thank god two guys asked us to dance but of course I felt like a Dutch-nonflexible-piece of food between those Spanish signorina’s. 

Hope you have a fabulous time! 
XO Roos