Roos Estelle Hofstede

Welcome on my blog. I'm a 19 year old International Lifestyle student from the Netherlands. 
How can you describe me? I’m not complicated, but I like things that are sometimes the opposite such as: dancing and lounging, cooking and go out for dinner, shopping and watching a serie and exercising and eating. I’m the most happy girl if I’m with my friends, family and loved ones.
I’m a health freak but also a “life-enjoyer” and I’m constantly trying to find the balance between these two. My favorite time of the week is Friday afternoon when it’s bubbling hour. I was born on Friday afternoon at five o’clock so perhaps it’s in my genes..

As a fifteen year old girl I started this blog. All my life I had notebooks, idea books and pictures and photo’s scratched out of magazines which I found interesting. After al these years I had so many books that I wanted to put my own ideas online. I remember that I was so enthusiastic about the first reactions “ wow somebody from mexico found me and left a commend”. 

After my high school I started with my studie and didn’t had time to post personal things. For school I had to post coolhunts and because of this I didn’t wrote that much on my personal blog anymore. I deleted all the coolhunts of last year and now you can find the coolhunts on
another page. On my website you can click on the coolhunt button next to this about button.
Curious what I think of International Lifestyle studies? Click on the link below my picture.

From August  24 I will live in Cape Town for my Internship at Jinger Jack. 
On my blog I will keep a little travel journey. Because I also want to keep my family in the Netherlands informed I will write this in Dutch. The rest of my posts will still be in English. 

Thank you so much for reading my blog and please left comments for tips, tops and idea’s. 

Lots of love,